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Swedish craft

Progressive design ideas meet uncompromising artisanal craft methods. For more than a decade, the All Blues jewellery collection has been produced by the same family-owned company run by a third-generation jeweller, located 20 minutes from the All Blues headquarters in Stockholm. Due to this intimate working relationship and close-knit production process, All Blues can ensure the highest ethical and sustainable standards, while supporting local entrepreneurship and minimising shipping, which heavily reduces the brand’s carbon emissions.

All Blues works exclusively with recycled sterling silver and 24K gold, responsibly sourced in Sweden. These precious metals are infinitely recyclable, meaning nothing goes to waste. Pieces are meticulously crafted by hand in small batches, using traditional wax-casting techniques and modern 3D-printing methods – a highly collaborative process from start to finish. This unique partnership has been essential for the development of All Blues’ trademark aesthetics, including the irregular “carved” shapes that distinctly contrast the collection’s smooth, polished surfaces.